PT Jasa Berdikari Logistics Tbk announces the plan for IPO

18 July 2022

The optimism of the President Director of PT Jasa Berdikari Logistics Tbk, Mr. James Budiarto Tjandrakesuma to bring this business to the floor on the Indonesia Stock Exchange in the midst of the fluctuating retail market that continues to fluctuate, is considered a good and strategic thing for the business development of customers and PT Jasa Berdikari Logistics Tbk (LAJU) itself.

According to the analysis of several securities companies whose names have not been published, it was revealed that this market fluctuation was caused by several domestic factors, namely public optimism about the Covid case which had been resolved, as well as the development of the country's transportation infrastructure which was getting better. The domestic release of the trade balance resulted in a surplus, so this had an impact on the Indonesian state, which was increasingly aggressive in developing continuous transportation supporting infrastructure.

"Due to the current market situation, so we are optimistic for the IPO, we invite the public to participate in the success of this country's logistics world which has an impact on macro and micro economic welfare," said James Budiarto Tjandrakesuma.