About Us

Established in 2007, PT Jasa Berdikari Logistics Tbk is engaged in Integrated Logistics Services. The nature of the Company's main service is "Dedicated & Integrated Logistics Support".


A new logistic leader, built by the expert

PT Jasa Berdikari Logistics Tbk has developed transportation solutions based on thousands of hours surveying and valuing people, their habit and their necessity. We are generating profit with sustainability, trust, innovation and technology. In our period of learning and serving in the macro to micro scale Indonesian logistic line, we have built a nationwide presence and leadership in the trucking logistic - transportation services industries.

We are one of the logistics companies in Indonesia with the largest fleet and operate at 24/7 working hours without no day off. Customers of PT Jasa Berdikari Logistics Tbk came from those whose business lines are manufacturing factories with their factory as the starting point of service, and even those whose operational are scattered at hundreds of distribution centers spread throughout Indonesia, we have proven our ability to serve responsibly and our orientation are towards the smoothness of our customers' business.



Lanjutkan Prestasi (Sustainable Growth)
Aman di jalan, tempat kerja dan rumah (Safe on the road, at work and at home)
Jujur dan Keterbukaan (Honesty and Transparency)
Utamakan Kepuasan Pelanggan (Prioritize Customer Satisfaction)

Our Business Model

Comprehensive logistics services (vehicles, drivers, delivery management services, warehouse management services, etc.) that specifically allocate dedicated resources to each customer

Why Dedicated Services?

Dedicated Services offer the advantages of synergy and transparency with clients by providing reliable services, fulfilling higher SLAs and enabling customers to focus on capital and HR resources to the company's core business and allocate them to things that support customer business growth.

What sets us apart

REAL - TIME (Location and Vehicle Tracking, Transparent Progress Reports, Troubleshooting and Mitigation)



To be a trustworthy company with a prime service, which lead us to be the first choice to every customer and stakeholders.



To become a transportation and logistics service company that offers excellent service and is supported by skilled and experienced personnel in their fields and utilizes technology optimally


Board of commissioners and directors

Eric Christian Samalo

President Commissioner

Dimas Teguh Mulyanto


Immanuel Yulius S Soeiono

Independent Commissioner

James Budiarto Tjandrakesuma

President Director

Antonius E Siregar